Dzordza Vasingtona 44, 81000 Podgorica
+382 20 23 23 55

Our IT team

Our IT sector can help you with all your problems related to computers. With our IT support, you can be more focused on your work and on performing the primary tasks of your business while using advanced modern technologies without the need to understand them.  For sure all you want is everything to work perfectly to be able to perform your business, and the task of our IT support is to make it possible.


IT support

  • Design and development of your information system;
  • Computer and network maintenance;
  • Installation of necessary software and their administration;
  • Regular data backup;
  • Secured Internet communication;
  • Procurement of equipment or software (we do not sell software and / or equipment, but we can help you procure it);
  • Consulting and technical support;
  • HELP DESK – telephone support;
  • Connecting remote locations (branches) in various ways –  the most favorable and most optimal one for your company is chosen;
  • Equipment rental / per day e.g. Laptop for presentations at seminars, etc.
  • Computer hardware reparations;
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