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Established over 25 years ago,  our name has become a brand recognized worldwide. To present ourselves as best as possible, we want to convince you that behind our company’s recognition are people with solid experience performing their job with dedication and quality.

Trust and security

We are your business support

While working with our clients, we strive to establish a long-lasting relationship based on trust. Together, we contribute to our society’s economic and social development and the countries we are working with, guided by shared values.

Over 25 years of experiance

Rely on our years of experience and work

As long-term providers of financial, legal, administrative, and consulting services, we are daily inspired by our values, we also maintain a close and professional relationship with our clients to provide them with:


Which are tailored to your business, legislation, and modern service flows in our industry.


Taking into account your expertise, circumstances, and legal obligations within the business system.

We educate employees

We invest in knowledge and competencies

We educate our employees to improve their skills, increase their self-confidence, and motivate them to improve their results. We are implementing new techniques based on human resources development. We use the permanent learning methods of new skills, such as improving communication, emotional intelligence, and the professional skills needed to work in their job position.

We are digitizing processes

We are improving and investing in new technologies

The process of digitalization has been very interesting to us for a long time. We are the first agency that has implemented paperless business and software for accounting. We have continued to invest, in the future, we will offer innovative digital services that will make it easier for you to do business and correspond with us.

We are working in accordance with international standards

Standards are a guarantee of quality

ISO 9001:2015 standard is an international standard that deals with the quality of business. It defines the quality management system in the company, popularly the QMS system. More precisely, it describes the company’s requirements and implements and implements its daily work to harmonize the business with these internationally recognized standards. At the top of everything are the company’s mission and vision and the strategic goals whose monitoring and realization are achieved by introducing this quality standard.


ISO 27001:2013 is a standard that deals with information security. It is a systematic approach, a set of policies and procedures that include legal, physical, and technical controls involved in the information system’s risks. Thus, the emphasis is on the physical and technical provision of IT infrastructure and protecting sensitive information from unauthorized use.

Part of the best

We are a member of the association of the best agencies in the world in the field of accounting and legal services

We are aware that doing business abroad often requires a wide range of professional advice. That is why Finance Plus has been a part of this organization with successful cooperation for many years. MSI provides local expertise and global reach to a wide range of clients in a variety of industries.

Working with the best

We are proud to present a part of our client portfolio

We are socially responsible

We care about our community

As part of the project “We can do everything”, which was prepared by the Association of Multiple Sclerosis of Montenegro, in cooperation with the non-governmental organizations “Mreza znanja” and “Center for Psychological Preparation of Athletes”, Finance Plus has employed people with disabilities.

We are environmentally conscious

Our goal is to be a 100% ``Green Company``

We are one of the first agencies which introduced paperless business and digital document archives.


A combination of experience and knowledge

History of Finance Plus

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