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We are growing together

Finance Plus Brand was established in 1995 when everything began. The company started the business with two employees and offered services such as company registration and bookkeeping. As time went on, the business developed, the company grew, and the number of employees.

A turning point in the development of Finance Plus was Document Management Software’s implementation in August 2008. Finance Plus was the first accounting agency in Montenegro, maybe in the region, which has replaced paper documents with electronic archives. Instead of searching for documents through paper folders and wasting precious time, employees can now search for documents through e-archives on their computers and laptops. Work has become much faster and more efficient, and the satisfaction of clients and employees has increased.

Gradually introducing new services and providing customers with more services in one place, Finance Plus is constantly evolving. Today, after many years, when it comes to business services Finance Plus is a leader in the Montenegrin market, with over 30 employees and a vast network of professional associates. Finance Plus provides integrated business solutions with a clear vision – While providing high-quality advice based on knowledge and experience, creates new business opportunities, and invests in new leaders.


Today, Finance Plus is a company recognized as one of the best brands in Montenegro when it comes to accounting and auditing services, shown by the award achieved for the year 2018, awarded in May 2019. We are proud that we managed to be in front of local brands and front of renowned world brands. The award Finance Plus achieved results from years of work and a synergistic combination of knowledge, experience, innovation, automatization, and quality.

More about the award


During the period, Finance Plus made regular and significant changes that made Finance plus a market leader.

What we represent today is the result of our mission, which includes: A modern and affordable online service for customers who, based on up-to-date and accurate information, with our advice, make intelligent decisions that keep their business in constant progress and our sincere support.

Our mission

We represent today as the result of our mission, including a modern, affordable online service for customers who, based on up-to-date and accurate information, make wise by following our advice and keeping their business with constant progress.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the leader in creating new business solutions for each of our clients. Our further direction of development is to expand because our customers’ trust and satisfaction are our confirmation of quality and a guarantee that we can be competitive as well abroad. We are proud of our membership in MSI – a prestigious global alliance of accountants and lawyers.

Our strategy

We strive to support every business in the field of all companies. Therefore, our strategy includes monitoring your business as well as working on analysis, consulting, realization. Finance Plus is your reliable partner.

The services we provide

to monitor the development of your business and as a support in all business activities

Our services

Accounting services

We offer a wide range of services in the field of accounting, financial, and tax consulting.

Company registration

We provide company registration services and we are preparing all the necessary documentation.

Permits, certifications and decisions

With this service, we save your time and provide all types of municipal and other permits on your behalf.

Forms, templates and contracts

We provide professional assistance in drafting general legal acts necessary for the functioning of your company.

Work and residence permits

We provide the service of obtaining and extending residence and work permits for foreign citizens in Montenegro.

Legal support

Finance Plus also has a legal sector that provides a wide range of legal services

Administrative services

Improve your administrative processes and make them efficient

Real estate

Another of our services is finding adequate business environment for you

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