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Once upon a time…

I founded a company in Montenegro with the aim of obtaining a work and residence permit and starting a business in/from Montenegro.

When I just remember my first arrival, it was very hot in the summer, just like these days. I heard about Montenegro as a reliable business and tourist destination from my friends, but until I saw it with my own eyes, flying over the beautiful mountains in the north, then a big turn at Lake Skadar before landing, visiting the Montenegrin coast and the north, I didn’t believe how much beauty could be hidden by a small country.

However, I also heard from the other side about the huge bureaucratic problems and the slow procedures of the public administration, because I was more interested in that at that moment. I only remember the company registration process, which is why I came here in the first place, instead of the promised 5 days, due to the mistakes of the agency that did the registration at the time, the process lasted 15 days, which also caused unnecessary costs, starting with time and ending with everything else. But, finally, instead of 28/04/2015, I received papers about the completed company registration on 09/05/2015. At that moment, all that mattered to me was to get them, because I was already starting to panic 😊

After preparing the necessary documentation, and unnecessarily returning to my country for a certificate of impunity due to not receiving timely information, I went to the police to apply for a work and residence permit. If you thought company registration was a problem, then you should apply for a work and residence permit 😊. In a very small space, a large number of people are waiting for their turn, and I am with the prepared papers in my hand, without an interpreter. However, after less than 5 hours of waiting, everything ended successfully and I received a confirmation of when to pick up my work and residence permit, for which I had to physically come and incur unnecessary travel expenses again. But necessity changes the law.

Walking around Podgorica later, I come across an accounting agency and something grabs me and tells me to stop by and have a meeting. Coincidentally, the executive director was in the office, and among other things, he says that the company has been operating since 1995, and what I was more interested in at that moment – that the company can be registered without coming to Montenegro. Having also looked at the website of the company I visited, which was quite old-fashioned at the time, this was not the only thing I had doubts about. However, that’s how it all started.

My company is still operating successfully but in a completely different way. It used to cost a lot, most of all wasted time.


I have been successfully operating and cooperating with the accounting agency Finance Plus for many years, and they take care of the entire business from the financial, legal, and accounting sides.

And yes, you can really register the company “remotely”, without your physical presence, so you can significantly save time and money, and you can forget that you will have problems similar to the ones I had a long time ago 😊

You don’t have to come twice for a work permit, once is enough when applying for it. The crowds are still there, but not for you, so you don’t have to waste 5 hours like I did, but you get information when it’s your turn while drinking a hot coffee in a nearby cafe. Administrative barriers still exist in the state administration, but you will not feel it.

All processes are fully digitized, so you don’t have to worry about documentation.

The quality of the service provided by Finance Plus has no value.

And much, much more, until something in the future…………….

Adam from Munich


Company name can be busy, check if the company name is free to register.

Believe it or not, starting a business is so simple that within 4 working days, your company is ready to perform its business without the need to be physically present.


Company registration in Montenegro

Established over 25 years ago, during the time, our name has become a brand recognized worldwide. To present ourselves as best as possible, first of all, we want to convince you that behind the recognition of our company are people with strong experience performing their job with dedication and quality.



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