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Budimir Raičković, President of the Management Board of Finance Plus, and also the President of the Association of Managers of Montenegro, held an online conference on March 27, 2020, together with other members, on the topic “Economy in the Age of the Crown”. Other panelists who participated were: Vladimir Lučić, Executive Director of Mtel and a member of AMM (telecommunications), Marijana Bojanić, Executive Director of TV News and a member of AMM (Media and Marketing), Dragoljub Damljanović, Vice President for Energy and services in Southeast Europe-Schneider and President of the Serbian Association of Managers, Dr. Vinko Nikić Chief Executive Officer of Lovćen Bank and Vice President of AMM (Banking and Finance), Slavoljub Popadić Executive Director of Pljevlja Coal Mine and President of the AMM Assembly (Energy and Mining) ) and Radovan Radulović, Executive Director of Motenegromax C&L and Vice President of AMM (area: forwarding, transport and catering).

The president of the Association of Managers of Montenegro said that family companies, micro, small and medium enterprises are the most endangered because they do not have enough reserves to pay salaries and other expenses for several months in the period when they have no income.

“There is no sector that is not affected. We need more direct cooperation with banks and the Government. I expect that the measures so far are just the beginning in a joint action to save the economy “, stated Raičković.

The state should help the sectors of tourism, catering, micro, small and medium enterprises, media, transport more. Banks should help vulnerable customers and increase lending activity after the end of the epidemic. It is necessary to form crisis headquarters at the level of economic activities in order to quickly identify and solve problems. The government should continue with concrete measures of support for aid even after the epidemic, so that businessmen know what to expect and based on that make their work plans in crisis and recovery, and of course, it is necessary to digitalize business as much as possible.

The President of the Association of Managers of Montenegro (AMM) and the President of the Board of Directors of Finance Plus Budimir Raičković, said that the overall economy is facing a challenge that the world has not remembered and that we should all participate together for the economy to survive.

“The measures adopted by the Government and the Central Bank should be just the beginning and should be expanded and changed as the crisis unfolds,” Raickovic pointed out at the opening of the conference.

Internet traffic multiplied

Vladimir Lucic, CEO of M: tel and coordinator of the Telekom Srbija Group, said that the importance of telecommunications in this crisis is great, because entire families have been locked in homes for a long time, looking for quality internet connection, not only for fun but also for education and work. from home.

“Mobile and internet traffic has multiplied, so the challenge before us is great. We are making great efforts to enable quality connection. We are also helping on the other hand in this situation, we have provided 3D printers for making visas for medical staff, we have participated We are trying to enable everyone who is at home to spend quality time and, most importantly, to be safe, “said Lucic.

The moratorium will not increase the price of loans

The CEO of Lovćen banka and vice president of AMM for economy and finance, Vinko Nikić, said that banks are a pillar of the economy in times of crisis, that they help and will help clients – citizens and the economy to overcome it more easily.

“There was a lot of controversy in the public about the moratorium and there were a lot of misinterpretations. It is important that there will be no subsequent costs, only the obligations are frozen and continue after three months. Such statements are something that does not contribute to this situation, first of all we should preserve our health. Banks help and we will help the economy and citizens. Bankers are at work and in touch with a potential virus, but they are always there and I want to congratulate them and thank them for doing their job in the best possible way. We are in daily contact with clients and with the package of measures that is the most optimal at the moment, I think we have responded to the call in the right way, “said Nikic.

Media on the front line, but their business is endangered

The executive director of TV Vijesti and Daily Press and a member of the AMM presidency, Marijana Kadić Bojanić, said that TV and the Vijesti portal were recording a huge increase in ratings and readership.

“News is exactly what citizens consume the most in this situation. Almost 200 employees who give their best to television, newspapers and the portal. The fact is that due to the nature of our work, a large number of people cannot work from home and after the health workers, they are the most exposed. I would like to invite everyone to think a little more about what the media is like at the moment, “said Bojanic.

She stated that many companies are currently interrupting their marketing campaigns and trying to save on that, which drastically affects media revenues and their economic viability and the ability to

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