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„Allow yourself success“

The Executive Director of Finance Plus, Dražen Raičković, held on March 22, 2018. in Belgrade, a lecture on “Allow yourself success”. The aim of the lecture was to point out to the participants the basic and only barrier to success and encourage them to think about how to follow the path of their own success, mastering the 3 key knowledge needed for success, happiness and self-confidence.

We at Finance Plus create a healthy environment for all employees. Employee satisfaction on last year’s anonymous survey was rated an average of 8.65 which may show that the company’s management is committed to its employees and their needs. Dražen Raičković, attending numerous trainings in the past 10 years, transfers this experience to the fact that it further influences the motivation of employees in Finance Plus, which every year becomes a stronger and more important company on the montenegrin market.

Also, the workshop Allow yourself success helps all attendees to turn to success as a normal and realistic path and with impatience, motivation and information awaits all those who are just coming to these and similar workshops.

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