Dzordza Vasingtona 44, 81000 Podgorica
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What we offer

Do you want to know at any time how your company stands from the financial, tax, and property aspects?

You need a company that would not only control your company’s accounting records but would give you a sense of security and takes full responsibility for keeping your books.

Finance Plus offers its clients a wide range of quality and reliable accounting and financial services. All services are by the regulations and are following the Law on Accounting and Auditing and other relevant regulations.

  • Security
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability

Knowledge and experience

Based on many years of experience in accounting, we offer you a solution to all your problems. We are here to share our practical experiences and improve your business.

Finance Plus with its knowledge and experience, can provide you with quality services that include:

  • Booking of documentation related to users’ business by the Law on Accounting, the Law on Value Added Tax, and other relevant laws to which the posting of documentation refers.
  • Entering financial data on trade in goods
  • Close cooperation with clients
  • Entering purchase invoices for services received from Montenegro and abroad
  • Recording of dependent costs for purchasing accounts from abroad
  • According to the Law on VAT, calculation, and posting of VAT, the formation of VAT return Entry and posting, with control, bank statements in a local currency, as well as foreign currency statements
  • Forming a cash diary and entering a cash register
  • Calculation of salaries and other personal incomes of employees engaged under the contract (such as work contract, royalties, lease from a natural person, dividend calculation, etc.)
  • Creating a final settlement at the end of the year
  • Submission of the requested documentation related to the client’s business to the inspection body during the inspection control
  • Providing support to the client through advice and information on changes in laws and regulations in the field of accounting and finance, which relate to the business itself
  • Keeping records of fixed assets and at the end of the year calculates their spending – depreciation.
  • Calculation of various taxes according to applicable laws, preparation and submission of tax returns, calculation of interest, various fees.
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