We can proudly say that we continue with positive practice, and by this we invite all interested to apply for the internship in our company, through the Government Program.

In recent years, we have put great emphasis on training new staff and we are making great efforts to keep them at work.

Today, we are proud with the fact that in the last 5 years, over 80% of interns who completed their internship in Finance Plus and got employment.

Bellow you can read what all have to say from some of our former trainees, and current employees.

ERNA (PROGRAMMER): Finance Plus is a company that has given me the opportunity to learn, work and improve. A team of experienced and dedicated professionals, made up of young people, is a support and partner to every new member of the Finance team. Our IT sector deals with web programming. As a trainee, I have been involved in the project since the first day, and thanks to that, I had the opportunity to move very quickly. I got the opportunity to work on the frontend and backend, so I consider Finance plus a great place to develop myself as a full-stack developer. It should be noted that the projects we work on are innovative and very promising not only for the territory of Montenegro, but already the whole world. Also, Finance plus is a place where a friend’s atmosphere is organized, where tasks are performed by joint forces, and benefits are provided by all employees. Therefore, if you want the right start of a career, Finance Plus is your choice!

STEFAN (ACCOUNTANT): I invite all students who are interested in accounting, apply and work in a prestigious company like Finance Plus. In the company you will find a warm reception and you will be given the opportunity to learn all the accounting operations through practice, and with the help of mentors consciously perfect your knowledge.

JOVANA (LAWYER): From the very beginning, I was given the opportunity to learn a wide range of legal affairs related to economic, legal and labor relations, which are also in contact with all other branches of law. A wide network of clients allows you to constantly get familiar with various legal issues, i.e. life situations and in that way you perfect your knowledge and experience. I am proud to invite all students who have completed a legal accountant to apply for and start their career in Finance Plus.

AMINA (ACCOUNTANT): Finance Plus has shown in the past 9 months how important it is to invest in young and educated people, creating excellent conditions for our independent work, further improvement and advancement with colleagues of experts in the field of accounting, which we have on a daily basis for each type of consultation and cooperation. This company offers a chance to all ambitious, worthy and capable people to prove themselves and show all their abilities and to be rewarded for it. As someone who received a post-trainee job in this company, I would urge anyone who is ambitious, who want to learn and properly use their 9 month internships, to apply and become part of the team.