The second gathering for young entrepreneurs was held on September 20 on the theme “Cost Management” under the “Youth Entrepreneurship Program – Youth Training Program”. The gathering was led by Sladjana Raickovic, Financial Director of Finance Plus LTD in the premises of Mtel Digital Factory.

At the very beginning, Sladjana explained the basic concepts in the financials that are necessary to produce successful results, how to read our business reports and results, how to track and improve them (Balance Sheet and Income Statement), and how to invest to the future.

After that, Sladjana paid special attention to each of the entrepreneurs per person, in the form of giving advice and recommendations on how to manage the costs and finances in the best way, with the aim of growing and developing their business.

Entrepreneurs were informed of the concept of organizing gatherings, so they came up with pre-prepared questions in order to make the best use of this thematic gathering and receive on-the-spot financial consulting for their Business.

During the open discussion, young entrepreneurs also discussed their attitudes about money, what success for them, whether they can measure it, and how successful people think. The thematic gathering lasted 2 hours, with a light and relaxed atmosphere and refreshment.