Administrative services 


Accelerate administrative work and make it more efficient. Our administrative service is ready to provide you with a whole set of administrative services:

  • Preparation of requests, applications and forms
  • Taking over bank statements
  • Submission of documentation to institutions and clients
  • Filling out and submission of payment orders
  • Preparation and submission of foreign exchange payment orders
  • Cash withdrawal and cash payments
  • Electronic banking
  • Engagement of courier services

Administrative address

If the nature of your business is such that:

  • You do not need a business space
  • You are only in the business planning phase, but you do not have employees, and you have not started to work
  • You have space that you can use for business, but it is not registered as a business premise

Finance Plus offers you a service for leasing an administrative address, which includes the following:

  • Company registration at the given address
  • Receiving business mail
  • Scanning, sending via mail and archiving of the received documents
  • Meeting with the Tax Administration and other controls at the given address


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