About us

The world is changing rapidly, and the business environment together with it. The challenge of an unpredictable future we are fighting with experience from the past and a clear vision of our future. The last five years, marked by the global crisis and rising unemployment, Finance Plus will remember for its strong growth and development.

Following the trend of rapid acceptance of outsourcing as an optimal model of the business processes, we are continuously expanding our portfolio of services. From the company that started 20 years ago as an accounting agency, we have developed into a company that provides a wide range of business services at a very high level, ready to meet the challenges of a modern business environment.

Our vision is to be a leader in creating new solutions for each of our clients. Our next goal is the expansion into other markets, because the trust and satisfaction of our clients is the confirmation of the quality and guarantee that we can be competitive in markets outside of Montenegro. This is also evidenced by our membership in MSI – a prestigious global alliance of accountants and lawyers.

We are proud of our relationship with nature and the community. All our activities are performed in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility, bearing especially in mind the major problems encountered in the community.

Welcome to the Finance Plus.

Budimir Raičković
Chairman of the Boar

Company history